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free to thrive
1:1 online health coaching

Free to Thrive was created to help women build better habits and a solid foundation without any fad diets, quick fixes, 1200 calories, or excessive cardio so you can truly THRIVE.


My program will help you end the diet confusion and frustration so you know exactly what your body needs to eat, needs for movement, and needs for personal growth

beyond this program.


By the end of my program, you’ll have the results you’ve been dreaming of & know exactly how to keep them up (with ease)!

What's included?

Personalized training program that will include cardio &/or weight training for the gym or at home

Personalized nutrition program and nutritional guide that may include macros (based on preference) 


Nutritional audit & guides to fixing your nutrition

Bi-weekly check-ins to monitor progress and ensure you are moving in the right direction

Lifetime access to course modules and content to ensure you are being educated throughout your journey

Support and guidance from me throughout the program

My guide to flexible dieting, recipes, worksheets & more

what my clients are saying

"My biggest accomplishment was staving off my constant cravings. Of course, they still made a few appearances but with eating the right amounts of carbs, protein, and fats, and enough calories overall it really made a difference in willpower for those after-lunch treat cravings!


I learned it's OKAY to have an off day and to forgive myself for that and how to have balanced workouts; not just cardio or just legs- everything is addressed throughout the week.


I enjoyed Jasmine's great personality :) She is so positive, encouraging, and honest, but will lay on some tough love when she knew I needed it. Overall working with Jas was absolutely amazing and I'd recommend her to anyone!"

"Before working with Jas, I wasn’t living an unhealthy life, just wasn’t paying as close of attention as I should have been.

She really helped me change the way to look at food, especially that it’s okay to have a treat every now and then

and not to feel guilty when you do.


The best thing she did for me was helped my mental mindset, I had a terrible mindset towards myself and she helped

change that, and she really cares too! My time with her was not always the best but it has definitely helped me more

than I could have ever imagined!"

this is for you if:

✓ You've tried all the diets & nothing seems to work and you are feeling overwhelmed and disappointed


✓ You struggle to find a balanced & a sustainable

way to eat 


✓ You struggle to prioritize your own health & put others before yourself


✓ You are tired of feeling guilty for eating the foods you love and want to stop overeating and binging


✓ You don't want to give up social settings but are tired of feeling like a failure


✓ You keep falling back into your old habits or falling off track every few weeks

this is not for you if:

✗ You are looking for a quick fix or another diet

✗ You are a hard dieter and not ready to stop

✗ You aren't willing to put in the work

✗ You aren't willing to work on your mindset

✗ You aren't ready to commit to making a lifestyle change

✗ You keep finding excuses to not make your health

a priority

✗ You aren't willing to invest in your health or yourself

free to thrive
5 step method

master your mindset

Learn different techniques to help transform your body from the inside out and love yourself during the process. Eliminate the all or nothing mentality

so you can stay consistent and accomplish your goals even when your motivation is low.

navigate nutrition

Learn all about nutrition from macros, to types of overeating, cheat meals, and how to finally break the nasty binge and restrict cycle so you can enjoy the foods you love, know how much food your body needs, how often and how to navigate through MyFitnessPal.



Learn different training methods, practices, and principles so you can get the most out of your personalized training program. Understand the importance of rest days, why muscle soreness occurs and how to make the most of your recovery so you can build lean muscle, and lose body fat.

healthy habit


Learn how to develop, track and sustain new habits, the different forms of self care and how to create your own self care ritual. I’ll also breakdown why you might not

be losing weight, why the scale went up, how to simplify meal planning and creating your own balanced meals.



Learn how to stay on track over the weekends and on vacation. Understand how your body fluctuates through all phases of your menstrual cycle and best practices for nutrition and training during each phase including menopause. Understand how to create your own training program and how to stay consistent once the program is completed.

Imagine if . . . 

you looked in the mirror and actually loved how you looked and how great your clothes fit on you.

you finally ditched the "all or nothing" mentality around food and exercise and learned it's better to be consistent than perfect.

you were able to stop jumping on the next fad diet and actually find what works for you and brings you results you want while still enjoying your life.

you were able to finally enjoy date nights, girls night out, holidays, and family events because you created a positive relationship with food.

you finally felt free from restriction, stress, and perfection and finally felt like your health was thriving.

more client love

"I loved this program and working with Jas. I felt comfortable expressing any of my concerns or setbacks. She was always so encouraging and was always there for an accountability boost and check in!


The program offered great insight in to WHY

emotional eating happens and how to not beat yourself

up when it does happen.


I’d highly recommend this program to anyone who is

looking for more than just weight loss - the mind set

focus is next level."

"I absolutely loved working with Jas!

Her program covers so much info & with her help

I haven't binged in 5 months and I still eat out every week! I'm also eating way more than I used to and

I'm down 22lbs!!


Her course was so helpful for me, and even now I still

go back and watch some of her videos if I need a

little encouragement. I highly recommend her

coaching program."

"I absolutely loved working with Jas!

Her program covers so much info & with her help

I haven't binged in 5 months and I still eat out every week! I'm also eating way more than I used to and

I'm down 22lbs!!


Her course was so helpful for me, and even now I still

go back and watch some of her videos if I need a

little encouragement. I highly recommend her

coaching program."

"I cannot thank Jas enough for everything she has done for me! Jas helped me at a pretty low point in my life and with her support I was able to finally stop trying every single diet out there and was able to lose 42lbs!

I haven't been this lean in a long time.


Not only did I lose weight but she also helped me change my thinking about dieting, it took awhile to finally give and get outside my comfort zone there but once I did it was so much easier to lose weight and build better habits than I had."

Are you ready to . . . 

Get consistent with your workouts & eating habits?


Enjoy your date nights, girls nights, or dinners in?


Create a a balanced lifestyle you can sustain years from now?


Rewire your brain, lose the food guilt, & end the binge / restrict cycle?


Improve your relationship with food & improve your metabolism?


Improve your health, increase your happiness, and create a strong & confident women?

Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 5.16_edited.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 5.15_edited.jpg

Get started for $250-265 per month

(other payment plans are available)

*To purchase the Free to Thrive course only see "Programs"

Meet your coach



CSEP Certified Personal Trainer

NAFC Nutrition Coach

GGS Pre & Post Natal Coach

NESTA Core Conditioning Specialist

TRX Suspension Training

AWPT Advanced Women's

Physiology & Training

Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma

How long will the workouts be?

The workouts are based around your schedule and time available. Most of the women I work with have 30-45 minute workouts but if you can only commit to 20 minutes I can accommodate that too!

Have a question? I've got you! 

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! I have a few different payment options available for you to choose from.

Can I join anytime?

Absolutely! You don't need to wait for enrolment to open, just fill out and application and

if you're a great fit you're in!

Will I have access to the modules after the 12 weeks?

You will receive lifetime access to the modules and future updates.

Do I need to buy equipment for my workouts?

That's up to you! Your program will be designed based on the space and equipment you have available, whether you are working out at a gym or in your living room.

Is there an option to purchase the course without coaching?

Yes! Head over to "programs" tab and you'll see the course for purchase there.

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