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Hello & welcome to my page! I'm Jas Gilroy the woman behind the business.

As a young kid I was always active and played numerous sports but loved swimming the most. In high school I fell in love working out, I loved the feeling of being strong and finding my own version of "fit." From there I decided fitness was the path I wanted to run down. I graduated in 2013 with honors from Fitness & Health Promotion at Fanshawe College. Since college, I've worked as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, fitness consultant, online fitness coach, fitness appraiser for law enforcement, teaching assistant and professor. 

Shortly after graduating college my sister died unexpectedly and I went down a vey dark road. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It really wasn't until I struggled with mental health myself that I knew the true importance of it. During that time I used food as a coping mechanism and struggled with emotional eating. Because of that I gained weight, despite knowing the answers as a fitness professional, and I still went on every diet and tried every diet pill I could to lose weight. Now with my education and personal experience I help women learn and understand how to stop dieting, lose body fat, and create a balanced lifestyle all while improving their mindset and self care.


Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma
CSEP Certified Personal Trainer
NAFC Nutrition Coach
Advanced Women's Physiology & Training
Girls Gone Strong Pre & Post Natal Coach
TRX Suspension Training
Adaptive Fitness Specialist
NESTA Core Conditioning Specialist
CPR & First Aid


13 working in the fitness field including 1:1 training, small group training, online coaching, group fitness, fitness consulting, police testing, health promotion, and professor for resistance training, personal training, and group fitness.

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